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Later, Madoka, a youthful blind woman who's going to be a violin prodigy hires the boys to obtain back her Stradivarius violin which is stolen from her by Musikschule Bachrain - bilder - Adventskonzert 2011 - a rival concertlevel virtuoso with ties towards the Mafia. I am also shown Shido, the Beast Master, and Thread Master Kazuki, two old friends of Ginji from his gang days. Ginji were raised with the Limitless Fortress, the category of a major highrise building that was abandoned by means of was nearing completion. The empty building became you will find several thousand homeless, and also many criminals. Ginji, referred to as Lightning Emperor, united most of the fighters ???? under his gang, the Volts. Shido and Kazuki were among his four lieutenants. When Ginji left the Limitless Fortress, the Volts disbanded, and the Fortress fell into anarchy. While Kazuki consistently on the also believe in Ginji, Shido harbors a grudge against Ban when planning on taking Ginji far from him. Madoka can be a semiregular character, giving home one belonging to the other characters. Both this arc as well as the following short story about art thieves demonstrates that Ban is known for a surprisingly deep information about art.
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